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Crafternoon collages

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This Sunday afternoon was all about getting back to the roots of me becoming a designer. Moving away from the computer and getting my hands all dirty! It was time for a Crafternoon — something I hadn’t done for a while, and didn’t realise I had missed so much until I was cutting my way through a collection of vintage and not so vintage magazines I had recently acquired from my grandparents house.

I love the heavy weight of the vintage paper, and the texture and colour of the print grain just isn’t possible anymore, and the dullness can be juxtaposed really nicely with the bright glossy papers from the more modern magazines.

I’ve framed the image to the right, just in a dodgy IKEA frame, but the one below will be put up on the ETSY store.

I’m really looking forward to doing more work away from the computer, and getting my hands more involved in crafting images, and not being so afraid of making mistakes.

Clouds, rain and mountains

Clouds, rain and mountains No.01

Clouds, rain and mountains collage 02

Clouds, rain and mountains No.02

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