Not Another Folio | Gesaffelstein, Givenchy and Hellohikimori

Gesaffelstein, Givenchy and Hellohikimori

Gesaffelstein, Givenchy and Hellohikimori

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The other day I decided to go through some of my old links looking for some inspiration from sites I hadn’t seen in a long time, and came across this awesome video by Hellohikimori for Givenchy.

It’s a great glitchy video that syncs with the music really well, with slow-mo’s transitioning into skipping and easing creating a really nice flow that isn’t over the top. Anyway, I decided the track was a great selection for the video and found myself bopping along to the lazy melodic techno beat. I Shazamed the song to discover the track name Viol by a producer I had never heard before – Gesaffelstein. I thought “Oh, cool, a minimalist German producer,” only to find that he is from France. Meh. Cool track.

Viol – Gesaffelstein

And Brodinski’s remix here:

Viol (Brodinski remix) – Gesaffelstein

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