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SEEK blog images

So I’ve been creating quite a few editorial images for SEEK’s supportive blogs The Seeker and The Insider recently. Usually I’m provided the title and a brief outline of what the writer is expected to talk about in the article. They’re quick images just to…

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China Town light boxes

Dinner in China Town is great! Only if you get the view I had the other night. Unfortunately the food was only just average, but I was too busy staring out the window at the bright lights like a stunned mullet to notice too much about the food. These …

28 Nov 2013 Posted by Pete in Design, Illustration no comments

Out of Sorts

My girlfriend is selling her new cushons on Etsy. The store name is called SortedOut – but we wanted Out of Sorts which was taken, so we used that in the header instead. The type is made from a new font I’m working on, and…

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Happy birthday Buff Diss

For my friends birthday I decided to draw him a picture he would appreciate. Using gouache and gold poscars (x4!) I drew him this. I hope it survived the trip back to Berlin! So, happy birthday to my good mate Buff Diss.    

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