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China Town light boxes

Dinner in China Town is great! Only if you get the view I had the other night. Unfortunately the food was only just average, but I was too busy staring out the window at the bright lights like a stunned mullet to notice too much about the food. These…

28 Nov 2013 Posted by Pete in Design, Illustration no comments

Tisdall and the Leopard

Earlier this year my grandparents past away—and part of the process of losing your grandparents is cleaning out a lifetime of belongings and keepsakes. It was fun going through all the old retro things they had collected and hearing stories I’d never heard before by…

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Crafternoon collages

This Sunday afternoon was all about getting back to the roots of me becoming a designer. Moving away from the computer and getting my hands all dirty! It was time for a Crafternoon — something I hadn’t done for a while, and didn’t realise I had…

14 Jul 2013 Posted by Pete in Art, Design no comments

Happy birthday Buff Diss

For my friends birthday I decided to draw him a picture he would appreciate. Using gouache and gold poscars (x4!) I drew him this. I hope it survived the trip back to Berlin! So, happy birthday to my good mate Buff Diss.    

09 Apr 2013 Posted by Pete in Art, Illustration no comments

Silver and Light

I want to share a great video with you about photography, innovation and the pioneering spirit that seems to be ingrained in the American psyche. Silver & Light is a little doco on Ian Ruhter; his processes with photography and how the transition to digital…

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