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Small Change


With steady decline in the number of employees participating in SEEK’s employee giving program Bright Futures, it was thought a new approach to promotion and design was needed. SEEK commissioned me to develop a new identity and promotional material to launch the revamped program Small Change.

The name Small Change captured the essence of the program – an employee would donate $1 a week from their pay-packet, and SEEK would match it dollar-for-dollar. A big part of the promotion was to highlight how little $1 a week or $52 a year was in comparison to everyday spending, so it made sense for the logo to reflect this.

The logo started off with having just the ‘a’ rotated to represent a coin; which in itself was a ‘small change’. But then evolved to include the ‘g’ as coins to represent SEEK’s co-contribution.

The promotional material were designed to illustrate the small commitment of a $1 a week and the even smaller impact it would have on the donator’s hip pocket. Using product shots of familiar items and highlighting the proportionate cost of $1 showed this.

Was the campaign successful? On launch in conjunction with other activities throughout the day participation grew by 47% in the first month and to date has grown by 54%. This led SEEK to win the Highest Increase in Employee Participation award from the Australia Charity Fund. SEEK also won Best Workplace Giving Month Promotion. You can read more about it here.