Annual Reports

For the third year running I was asked by SEEK to design the cover for their Annual Report.

Keeping to the graphic style I had developed for the covers in the previous years I wanted to give SEEK a futuristic techie feel. The gradients and deconstructed circle provide a certain movement, as if the elements are moving at incredible speeds, but are also balanced and layered.

The matte gloss finish on the cover compliments the ideas behind the design.

Keeping the same minimal aesthetic as the previous year, I decided to focus on how SEEK changes peoples lives through opportunity. The idea of a ripple effect, cascading out from a single point (the user), was used to illustrate how finding the right job  can enrich someones life.

The pattern that spirals out and creates complex little patterns perfectly illustrated this concept.

Thermography was used to create a pleasant tactile surface on the cover.

I was approached by to do the cover for their 2013 Annual Report.

I wanted to veer away from the previous designs, which seemed dated, and move into a new look and feel that was more graphic.

SEEK were pushing the ‘number 1 global employment marketplace’ tagline in a lot of their collateral, so taking that as a starting point I focused on making a big statement with this call out. I landed on turning the seek arrow on its side to create a ‘1’. Then to really amp the design and make it feel premium, the ‘1’ was die-cut.