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Tisdall and the rest

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Earlier this year my grandparents past away—and part of the process of losing your grandparents is cleaning out a lifetime of belongings and keepsakes.

Hans Tisdall's The Leopard dustjacket

Hans Tisdall’s The Leopard dustjacket

It was fun going through all the old retro things they had collected and hearing stories I’d never heard before by my relatives. I wouldn’t say they had good taste, it’s definitely of an era, but I was lucky enough to find some gems when cleaning out the bookshelves of some super cool book covers.

This jacket stood out immediately from the others on the shelf. It was designed by Hans Tisdall, which didn’t mean much to me. So after a little bit of web research I found out a little bit about him. He was a designer typically associated with textiles and murals, but did calligraphy and book covers also. In fact quite a few book covers – and they’re all quite marvellous. There’s afew of them here on this flickr.

Tisdall has distinct handcrafted calligraphic lettering throughout his book designs. I really like the extended ascenders on the ‘L’ and ‘d’, which helps the title stand out from the rest of the design but not dominate, even though the lettering is so thin. It is a fine balance of colour/contrast, angles and placement that affords the covers success.

The leopard illustration is fantastic, blending the style of medieval heraldry and Japanese woodblock print. I’m not sure what happened to the authors name, it almost looks like an after thought and probably added by the publisher.

Here are some of the other covers I found interesting. I haven’t done any research into these designers yet though. Hope you like them.




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